Look Who Just Pleaded Guilty For Tax Fraud, Voter Fraud, Identity Theft


Illegal immigration is a huge problem that concerns a lot of countries all over the world. Of course, not all illegal immigrants plan on being criminals in their new home country. But, the fact that they are in the country illegally already makes them criminals, just maybe not violent ones.

In order for illegals to understand that a country is serious about not accepting them, the country must deport them or charge them if they had committed any crimes in that country. It’s really simple, to be honest.

If this principle is ignored, than bad things can happen. An example is the Nigerian man named Kevin Kunlay Williams, who after his deportation managed to return to the US, reports American Conservative Herald. He than stole the identities of public school employees, committed tax-fraud and ended up getting $12 million from the federal government.

The fact that he had such a well thought-out plan shows that this man is really smart. Just think what he could have been if he came to the US legally and put his mind to doing something positive.

But, he came here illegally and registered to vote for local, state, and federal elections, which is a crime. Now, he is in prison and he will stay there for years.

This is just one case, but there are many other as well. In order to keep our country safe from people like him, we need to have well-thought out immigration laws and police officers that will work hard to eliminate people like him from the US.



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