Who is Alejandro Villanueva, the lone Steeler who stood for the anthem?


Alejandro Villanueva is an American football offensive tackle for the Pittsburgh Steelers of the NFL and everyone is talking about what he just did! According to reports, he was the only member of his team who stood for the National Anthem.

For quite awhile now, many NFL players have been protesting by not standing up during the National Anthem. The whole thing started about a year ago, when Colin Kaepernick refused to stand up during the anthem as a way to show support for racial minorities.

Now, several NFL players were protesting against what President Trump said this Friday. As reported by The Sports Hall, Trump said that every player who protests the national anthem is a ‘son of a b—h’ who deserves to be fired.

After these remarks were made, some of the players locked arms on the sidelines, while others took a knee. But, when it comes to the players of the Pittsburgh Steelers, they all decided to stay in the locker room. All, except one – offensive lineman Alejandro Villanueva.

For those of you who don’t know him, here are some information you must learn before you start judging his actions:

He is a decorated ex-Army Ranger – after beginning his service back in 2010, he went to Afghanistan three times during his career and got seven different decorations from the Army. He earned his most profound medal, the Bronze Medal Star, on his first visit to Afghanistan.

Villanueva earned a medal for saving lives in Afghanistan – while in the military, he helped rescue wounded soldiers at times when the enemy was still attacking. That is how he earned his military badges from the Rangers, Combat Infantrymen, and the Parachutist division. So, in addition to being everyone’s favorite quarterback, he is also a true hero who was helped a lot of soldiers return to their families.

He played college football at Army and wasn’t drafted – after leaving the Army, Villanueva decided to try and start a career in the NFL. He originally played for the Philadelphia Eagles, before transferring to the Steelers.




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