Breaking: Megyn Kelly Is Done!!!


Megyn Kelly – once beloved Fox News host – isn’t going to be remembered positively by American conservatives. She turned her back on her colleagues over there, and then decided to call it quits and switched to NBC. Now, it seems she is withdrawing herself from politics entirely.

This was probably expected, as her latest interviews showed that she is no longer the same host she used to be. One of the most popular interviews was the one she did with Russian President Vladimir Putin, but she was attacked for not asking any of the tough questions.

On her morning television host debut, she has said that she is “kind of done with politics for now.” However, she seems to have forgotten that she owes her entire career to the U.S. politics.

The former Fox News Channel anchor was all around the 2016 presidential campaign. Many people can remember when Donald Trump turned on her after she started attacking him personally during one of the debates.

Kelly is now hosting the third hour of NBC’s “Today” show. During the announcement, she said that her viewers should “have a laugh with us, a smile, sometimes a tear and maybe a little hope” to start the morning, reports World Politicus.

She started the “next page of her non-political career” by interviewing the cast of Will & Grace, the popular television program. Conservatives kind of gave her up in a sense ever since she made the decision to leave Fox News. The problem was that she did not just leave the network. She did everything she could to bring Fox down with her.

Kelly might even be responsible for starting the whole Bill O’Reilly scandal that ended with him leaving the network in a move that Fox still has not come back from.

Megyn Kelly is walking on thin ice right now. Conservatives don’t like her because she does not relate to them anymore after her departure at Fox. And she also does not relate to liberals because she can still remember her past. Perhaps stepping away from politics was, in fact, the right move for her.


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