Terry Bradshaw: Not Sure Trump Understands ‘Every American Has the Right to Speak Out’ and Protest


The National Football League protest has become such a big issue that it’s been the topic of everyone’s conversation in the past few weeks. Even President Trump couldn’t remain silent and has condemned the protesters and said that players who kneel during the national anthem should be fired.

Former NFL head coach and current ESPN analyst Rex Ryan criticized the President for attacking the NFL players. The Trump-supporting ex-coach said he was “pissed off” over the president’s comments, especially when it came to Trump calling players sons of bitches.

Yesterday, prior to the afternoon games where it was expected a whole lot of players to be kneeling or showing some sort of solidarity during the Star Spangled Banner, Fox Sports’ Terry Bradshaw also shared his thought on the matter. And he had some strong words for the President, reports The Sports Hall.

“It’s hard to believe I’m going to say something about the most powerful man in the greatest country of the world,” Bradshaw began. “I was somewhat surprised that the president came out attacking NFL players for them exercising the freedom of speech.”

He continued,

“While I don’t condone the protest during our national anthem, this is America. If our country stands for anything, folks, what, it’s freedom. people die for that freedom. I’m not sure if our president understands those rights, that every American has the right to speak out and also to protest.”

The pro football Hall of Famer added that NFL players do love this country and ‘advised’ Trump to concentrate on bigger issues like North Korea and health care.


Both Ryan as well as Bradshaw are wrong – it’s not about whether players have the right to exercise the freedom of speech; it’s about choosing the right means of doing that. And disrespecting our nation, our flag, our anthem and everyone who sacrificed their lives for our safety is certainly not the right one.


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