Hannity BLOWS SCANDAL WIDE OPEN: ‘Biggest Scandal in Political History…’


Conservative political commentator Sean Hannity has never been the shy one when it comes to calling out those who have harmed this wonderful country. At a time when Hillary Clinton’s Uranium One deal has been causing a lot of controversy, he has used his show on Fox News to reveal his thoughts on the situation.

About the controversial deal, Hannity has said that former FBI Director Robert Mueller had information that the deal was going to happen, calling into question whether illicit or unethical activity was involved in the arrangement.

Hannity also said that the deal involved “corruption and bribery,” which ultimately allowed Vladimir Putin to take ownership of 20 percent of American uranium, reports Any Politics.

After saying all of this, Hannity added that the best decision at the moment would be for Mueller to resign, because his role as FBI director presents a “conflict of interest” in his investigation of possible involvement of Russians into America’s business. He said:

“There’s no way the American people can trust Robert Mueller to investigate anything Russia related.”


The Fox News host went on to say that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and  then-Attorney General Eric Holder should have known not to make a deal like that. He called for Congress to question both of them about the deal:

“How is it possible that they never recognized that giving Vladimir Putin 20 percent of our uranium was a good idea?”


During his Tuesday night show, Hannity also talked about several Republican senators who have been unnecessary critical of Trump. In reference to Flake, Ben Sasse, John McCain, John Cornyn, Bob Corker, Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins, Hannity said:

“These guys have accomplished nothing… and are trying to be martyrs in the process.”


We completely understand where Hannity is coming from with this statement. We also hope that investigator come to the bottom of the Uranium One scandal, so that Americans know who exactly is to blame for what happened.




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