‘I’m Gonna Stand’: Country Singer Pat Garrett’s New Song Will Destroy Every Single NFL Protester


By now you probably all know about the NFL protests that have been going on. It seems like every week, a lot of new players join the protests against the flag and national anthem. And while a lot of celebs have said they support the protests, there are equally as many celebs who are against them.

Recording artist Pat Garrett is one of the greatest entertainers that ever worked the industry. If you are a fan of Country music, there is no way you haven’t hear of him. Well, he has decided to put his talent into making a song for all those who continue to kneel or sit during the playing of the National Anthem.

The song Garrett wrote is named “I’m Gonna Stand,” reports The Conservative Fighters. 

According to reports from Fox News Insider, during a radio interview for eastern Pennsylvania’s WFMZ-69 News, Garrett said that he was inspired by the NFL protests to write his new song.

Garrett continued to say that he thinks players “have a right to do whatever they please. This is America.” But, he also said that he would never kneel during the anthem and he advised players to follow his lead on this one:

“I’m gonna stand. And, that’s what this song is about.”


On a previous occasion, Garrett talked about a song he had written about President Trump. The song was titled “I’m Voting Donald For President” and he performed it during the 2016 election season.

But, that’s not all. He felt inspired by Governor Sarah Palin as well. He wrote “Moose-Shootin’ Mama” about ten years ago, when Palin was a vice presidential candidate.

When it comes to this new song for the NFL protests against the anthem, he released the song on Facebook about a week ago. The lyrics go something like this:

“I’m gonna stand with my hand on my heart
Because Old Glory represents the nation I love,
I’m gonna honor all those our people who’ve died
As our symbol of Freedom waves gloriously above.
We’re so lucky to live in the land of the free,
Won’t you stand up alongside of me
I’m gonna stand for the country I love.
I’m gonna stand, I’m gonna stand
For America, our great Land.
I’m gonna stand for all we’ve been through
I’m gonna stand for the red, white, and blue.
The Star Spangled Banner gives me chills inside,
It fills my heart with our nation’s pride,
The stripes and the stars on a back ground of blue,
When I see our flag I know what to do.
We’re so lucky to live in the land of the free
Won’t you stand up along side of me
I’m gonna stand for the country I love.”


On Thursday a friend asked my thoughts on the NFL situation, so we wrote this song. On Friday night we got a standing ovation for this at the Bloomsburg Fair. Feel free to share it."I'M GONNA STAND" On iTuneswww.patgarrett.comwww.sheepcoat.com

Posted by Pat Garrett on Sunday, October 1, 2017


We love how he used something like the NFL situation to make a song. Make sure you share this so more people listen to it!



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