Obama And Hillary Terrified As FBI Informant Is Cleared To Testify – It Begins!


Back in 2016, some time before the presidential election, a big case was in the making. The Department of Justice, trying to keep the keep the case from becoming the most controversial thing ever, forced an informant not to press charges.

Now, the Department of Justice allowed the informant to go and testify before Congress about the information he knew on the Russian bribery scheme case, the Obama administration kept him from revealing a year earlier.

This Wednesday, Department of Justice’s spokeswoman Sarah Isgur Flores revealed that this informant had been undercover for eight long years and that this would be the first time ever he would come forward with the information he learned during those years, reports USA Newsflash.

Victoria Toensing, a well known lawyers who is actually representing the informant, said that Senate Judiciary Chairman Charles Grassley advised her to let her client talk about the FBI’s investigation into the bribery scheme of the Russian nuclear official, which also revealed, “kickbacks, money laundering, and extortion.”

During an interview she had with conservative political commentator and Fox News host Sean Hannity this Tuesday, Toensing said that former President Obama, who was still President at the time, knew all about the findings of the FBI investigation into Russian nuclear officials. She also added:

“My client was told this information. Now whether the Bureau was bluffing, I don’t think so, because they were very specific, they said ‘the briefing made it into President Obama’s daily briefing papers,’ so I don’t think they made that up.”



Well, there you have it – this makes it clear former president Obama and his administration knew all about the criminal activities happening in the US but chose not to take any actions. A deal like this one should have been stopped the minute Obama found out about it.

Whatever the case was, it’s in the past. Now, it’s up to President Trump and his administration to investigate this to the very end and punish all those who intentionally did bad things.



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