Welfare Leeches Just Found Out Trump CANCELLED THEIR HANDOUTS – Watch How They React


It’s no secret that even though Barack Obama was the US President for eight years, he had no love for the country he was leading. He welcomed countless immigrants to stay in the country and use its welfare, while hardworking taxpayers paid for it.

However, since Donald Trump has taken over, he made it clear that no one will be allowed to live off the hard work of someone else. Tying to fix Obama’s mess, he took food stamps away from 1.5 million people.

Since he took office, food stamp enrollment has decreased from 42,691,363 to 41,203,721, reports Any Politics.

While the mainstream media is trying to make it look like Trump took away public assistance away from the needy, the reality is that he just asked from people to get a job and work in order to support themselves. It’s not normal to lie off of other workers.

What the Obama administration did for so many years was try to get votes by giving all sorts of handouts to people. This made taxpayers very furious, because  these so-called “freebies” are not free and are instead coming out of their pockets.

However, the mainstream media pays a lot more attention to welfare leeches than to hardworking taxpayers. That is why they posted a video of the reaction of welfare leeches in Georgia the moment they were told their foot stamps were cut off:


Mick Mulvaney, Trump’s Office of Management and Budget director, said this after President Trump announced this year’s budget plan:

“We’re no longer going to measure compassion by the amount of money we spend, but by the number of people we help. That is how you can get 3 percent economic growth … Everything that we do in this administration, every single time I’m called into the Oval Office … the focus is sustained 3 percent economic growth.
We believe in the social safety net. We absolutely do. What we’ve done is not to try and remove the safety net for folks who need it, but to try and figure out if there’s folks who don’t need it that need to be back in the workforce.”


Well, we think President Trump’s decision was the right one. No matter what liberals and their medias say, we will always trust him to make the right decisions for this country.



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