JUSTICE: Antifa Leader In Berkeley Arrested For INCITING A RIOT


After causing a lot of chaos in the streets of major American cities, the violent, Soros-funded and self-proclaimed anti-fascist group ‘Antifa’ started making headlines all over the nation.

While most of the group’s members wanted to stay anonymous, a Berkeley middle school teacher didn’t even try to hide and appeared in the front row of many protests and marches. Back in July, she was arrested after law enforcement officers found out she was connected to a violent neo-Nazi rally in Sacramento.

The Sacramento County District Attorney’s office later revealed that they arrested her on charges of assault by means of force likely to inflict great bodily injury, a felony and participating in a riot and inciting a riot, reports Berkeleyside.

Felarca and other members of the group By Any Means Necessary disrupted a rally organized by the Traditionalist Worker’s Party, a white nationalist group. They even started hitting and stabbing the members of the Traditionalist Worker’s Party. This was all caught on video:


After this incident, reports revealed that 14 people suffered serious injuries and a damaged worth thousands of dollars was made on Capitol grounds. However, the Sacramento County District Attorney’s office did not charge everyone who was connected to this incident. Their official statement read:

“Many of the charges submitted did not meet the District Attorney’s filing guidelines including 85 counts of Unlawful Assembly, 55 counts of Conspiracy to Unlawfully Assemble and 32 counts related to the possession of illegal signs and banners. In several other cases, there was clear evidence of felonious conduct but the identity of the perpetrators could not be established. Unfortunately, included in this category were all of the stabbings and the attack on a local television reporter.”


Still, Felarca was one of the four people who ended up getting arrested. After that, parents of the children she taught demanded she was fired from her position. As if that wasn’t enough to teach Felarca a lesson, she went ahead and called for more violence:


A woman so evil should never again be allowed to work with innocent children. She should go to jail for causing so much mayhem. We hope she does…



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