Crooked Cop Mueller Leaks Investigation Info to CNN Continuing His Long History of Corrupt and Criminal Actions


Some people have no shame even when their dirty laundry is out in the open, and one of them is Robert Mueller.

Even though his crimes got leaked, Robert Mueller continued with his now widely reported corrupt and criminal activities.

According to information leaked to CNN, his investigation has filed charges in the ongoing investigation into President Trump and that there is a possibility that he colluded with Russia in the 2016 election.

CNN reports that according to sources briefed on the matter, a federal grand jury in Washington, DC, approved the first charges in the investigation that Mueller led.

Mueller’s career is full of investigations of major scandals and crimes that he didn’t fully investigate during his time as a FBI Director. This resulted in the Clintons and Obama Administration getting away with criminal activities.

You can read all of them here:

It is more than obvious that Mueller is a lying piece of garbage with no morality whatsoever.  His deeds did a lot of harm to this country and this nation. They should investigate him not only for the Russia allegations, but for everything mentioned in the link above.

Our country needs to be cleaned from no goods like him! People like him belong behind bars to  pay for their crimes and treason!

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