Former First Lady Michelle Obama has always portrayed as the perfect woman everyone needs to look up to. However, some newly released information about her is about to shatter her reputation.

According to reports, White House photographer Amanda Lucidon has discussed her time with the former First family, revealing information that no one knew up until now.

Lucidon worked with the Obamas for four years, during which time she had the task to cover Michelle, reports KingPolitics.

In her new book called “Chasing Light,” Lucidon talks about the things she learned during her time in the White House. However, everything she said in the book about Michelle is positive, she kept the juicy details to herself.

In her book, Lucidon says:

“What the first lady has traveled around the country and the world saying candidly, which I learned from her, is that you can be anything; how you grew up and your circumstances do not define you.
Working at the White House was a very transformative time for me. I found confidence. I learned about myself. I learned about pushing boundaries. I learned about embracing my own story and my own background. … The first lady always taught us the challenges that you’ve encountered in your life are actually your strengths. They’re not your weaknesses. They’re the things that teach you resilience.”


About Michelle Obama, Lucidon wrote:

“She’s probably one of the funniest people that I know. She’s really, really funny. I liked that she has such a serious role, but then she also has this lightness about her. She really loves to laugh. And some of the pictures, like the one of her with Bo and Sunny laughing, with her dogs, those are moments that I feel like was my responsibility to share that with people because it definitely shows another side of her. And I was fortunate to be around her.”



Lucidon talks about how Michelle was so funny, which might have been because she was not taking her job seriously. We’ve seen numerous times before – the Obama had no love for this country. Thank god they are not the First Family anymore.



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