Hillary Clinton In Hot Water After What Was Just Found On Dead Body


For awhile now, we’ve been hearing about an unusual number of people who have died under mysterious circumstances. The thing they all had in common was Hillary Clinton.

The Clinton body count has been a thing mentioned by many news outlets. Now, reports are saying that another person has been added to the list. However, this new addition is not like any of the other. You will not believe who we’re talking about.

According to reports by Freedom Daily, investigators uncovered that the death of former US President John F. Kennedy Jr. was somehow connected to Hillary Clinton. Some say that Hillary was fearing she would lose the New York senate race in 2000, which is why she would have wanted to see Kennedy dead.

An anonymous source said this:

“At 9:20 PM, July 16,1999, John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr. radioed the tower at an airport near Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts announcing that he was preparing to land. Seconds later, his plane exploded in mid-air, the explosion witnessed by several people including a local newspaper reporter and an attorney.”


Bill Clinton tried to take care of the situation by sending in the equivalent of the Sixth Fleet to find the wreckage, hide it and the bodies from the media. He also ordered that the bodies are cremated and the ashes thrown in the sea, even though the parents never agreed to it.

After the accident, investigators revealed the emergency locator of the airplane was removed, the cockpit recorder was disabled, and the flight log was taken. There weren’t any photos of the crash as well. The reports made about this indicated the plane had gone down due to bad weather, reports Fast Politics.

The anonymous source also said:

“She killed him, I know she did.”


We now know the Clinton family was involved in JFK’s death one way or another. Things went uphill for Hillary after his death – she won her Senate seat and she and her husband bought a house and formed the Clinton Foundation. Everything was going according to plan, until Donald Trump came along.



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