WH Chief of Staff John Kelly Calls for Special Counsel on Hillary Russian Crimes – Where the Hell Is Jeff Sessions? (Video)


The mainstream media keeps ignoring the fact that conservative media headlines are filling up with reports about a scandal their precious Hillary Clinton was involved in.

While Democrats try to push the Trump-Russia scandal, people’s attention has been focused on something completely different. They’ve been wanting to know more about the Hillary Clinton Uranium One bribery scandal.

John Kelly, who is currently serving as the White House Chief of Staff, demanded that a special counsel looks into this scandal, reports The Gateway Pundit.

The only thing we know about the scandal so far is that this deal made between Clinton and Russians resulted in over $100 million in donations to the Clinton Foundation and 20% of US uranium sold to Russia.

During this Monday’s episode of Ingraham Angle with Laura Ingraham, John Kelly made an appearance and stated this:

“I think so. Again I’m not a lawyer. One of the strengths I have in looking at issues in my job, I think probably as a layman looking at this kind of thing. We need to find someone who is very, very objective who can get to the bottom of these accusations.”


According to reports, Faulkner & Chaffetz showed total agreement with Kelly’s statement about the Uranium One scandal. Chaffetz said that there is a lot more that needs to be exposed when it comes to this deal.

The fact that the DNC, Hillary Clinton, her campaign and the Obama administration all knew about this and allowed it to happen tells us that there is more to the story that we don’t know yet. We hope that investigators get to the bottom of this, holding everyone accountable for their actions – even power players like Obama and Clinton.



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