BREAKING: Papa John’s Pulls Ads From NFL


A big announcement was made this Wednesday. What ESPN’s Darren Rovell just reported will leave NFL executives speechless. But, we’ve all been expecting this kind of news.

Well, you must have heard about the NFL protests. For weeks now, players have been disrespecting this country by protesting the national anthem. Their protests caused views and ratings to drastically drop. Now, it looks like companies have started pulling their advertising associated with the NFL, and the Pizza chain Papa John’s was the first to do it.

Nation’s Restaurant News reported Jonathan Maze reported how Papa John’s founder John Schnatter blamed the drop in sales to “negative consumer sentiment” regarding the company’s relationship with the NFL.


Additionally, he reported that Schnatter called them “an example of poor leadership.”


The NFL protests originally started back in 2016. The first player to protest was former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Since then, a lot of players have joined the protest, but with a different idea about what they were protesting for. They have been especially critical of President Donald Trump.

Because of the problems caused by the protests, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell sent a letter to every team in the NFL, demanding that they stand for the anthem, reports BleacherReport.

However, Schnatter said that this demand by Goodell should have been made 18 months ago, which is something we all agree with. If that decision was made earlier, the rating drop of 7.5 percent would have been avoided.

Maze also reported that Schnatters said this about the NFL and his decision to pull his advertising:


We hope that the protests will stop in the near future, we’d hate to see the NFL suffer even more.



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