Country Singer Just Slammed Every NFL Anthem Kneeler In Epic New Song


The massive NFL protests and boycotts created a division between the American society. At this point, pretty much everyone can agree that this was one of the worst moves ever made by the NFL, but still, nobody is willing to take responsibility.

Rogue players still kneel during the National Anthem, and Goodell makes nothing to stop them, despite the continuous losses. The fans made their opinion clear – they are against anthem disrespecting, they are against politics mixed with sports at all.

However, the League seems to ignore the fans. They refuse to listen to the people who pay for the show. That’s what made fans furious, so they started to show their revolt in various other ways to prove how wrong the NFL players and management are and to inspire all fans and patriotic players to remain loyal to the American values.

A country singer is one of those angry patriots who decided to blast all leftists with his new anti-kneeling song.

Singer Pat Garrett recently released a new single titled “I’m Gonna Stand,” in which he  reminds Americans of all the reasons that they need to proudly stand for our flag. Garrett sings,

“I’m gonna stand with my hand on my heart, because Old Glory represents the nation I love. I’m gonna honor all those people who’ve died, as our symbol of freedom waves gloriously above. We’re so lucky to live in the land of the free, won’t you stand up alongside of me, because I’m gonna stand for the country I love.”

Here’s what Pat said about kneelers:

“I guess they have a right to do whatever they please — you know, this is America. However, when they play ‘The Star-Spangled Banner,’ I’m gonna stand, and that’s what this song is about.”

This isn’t the first time Pat has tackled politics in his music. In 2008, his song “Moose Shootin’ Mama” about Sarah Palin reached number 4 on the Billboard country music chart, reports Daily Americans. He also scored a country hit last year with the self-explanatory “I’m Voting For Donald Trump For President.”


Take a look at this as well:

This is really amazing, creative and sends a strong message.


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