Democratic Congressman Caught Filling His Pockets With Millions Of Taxpayer Money


Bobby Rush is an American politician, civil rights leader, and pastor, who is currently serving as the Representative for Illinois’s 1st congressional district. Since he is a pastor among other things, many years ago he founded his own church. Well, his church has been involved in some shady business that is yet to be investigated.

According to public records, Bobby Rush’s church received $650,000 in taxpayer-funded government grants in 2017. Additionally, the records show that the church received more than $15 million in grants since 2008, reports The Free Beacon.

Rush has been serving in Congress for more than two decades. He was first elected back in 1992 and opened his church ten years later, in 2002. In a 2011 op-ed published in the Huffington Post, Rush explained:

“I founded a church in Englewood, one of Chicago’s poorest and most fragile neighborhoods, and named it Beloved Community Christian Church. The church, once the site of a Black Panther breakfast program for children, now stands in tribute to Dr. King’s vision of the power of community. A social service center, a health center and an after school robotics program are also part of the church’s mission to care for people.”


The Beloved Community Family Wellness Center is a center connected to Rush’s church. It has been reported that the health center is a not-for-profit federally qualified center that provides “comprehensive, accessible, timely, and affordable primary health care, preventive education, and social service programs available to the Greater Englewood and surrounding communities.”

This year alone, the center received payment from the HHS, who gave them $215,384 on March 21 and added $430,768 on May 23. Investigators found that over the years, about $15 million in taxpayer-funded government grants were given to the center.

Even Rush’s non-profit organization got a lot of money. Back in 2008, Rush asked for a $100,000 earmark for the nonprofit. But, in present time, the non-profit has been getting an earmark of $305,500—$200,000 more than the initial request.

This is quite worrying. Who knows what else could be found if someone digs a bit deeper. Rush was asked to explain this right away, but his office never returned the request for comment by press time.



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