John Cusack Just Called For Immediate Death of President Trump!


Liberals haven’t been shy to show how much they dislike President Donald Trump. They have been the source of all hatred, violence and double standards in this country for so long, people have already gotten used to it.

Even Hollywood celebs haven’t been afraid to fire at the President or his hardworking administration. Most recently, everyone was shocked to find out what actor John Cusack said about President Trump.

We’ve seen this many times before – different liberal celebs calling for the murder of President Donald Trump. One celeb even went ahead and took pictures with President Trump’s severed head. Talk about trauma!

Well, focusing on John Cusack, we can say that he followed in the footsteps of his celebrity buddies and he talked about the importance of getting the President impeached because he didn’t live up to the standards liberals have.

Only recently Cusack took it to Twitter to post this photo which he deleted shortly after:


In a time like these, when terrorist attacks happen out of nowhere, you’d think people would want to stick together. But, not liberals. They’ve always been the type to stay away from everyone, spreading horrible social madness and propaganda of violence and hatred.

Liberals keep encouraging their members to go against President Trump. Even though they are always in some undefined state of mind, blown away in the eye of the tornado of hatred and evilness, they don’t pass on a chance to attack the President, reports The Washington Feed.

Even with all their efforts to make him look bad, President Trump will always prevail against the jealous and desperate liberals. The Patriots in this country can tell that President Trump is a good and trustworthy man and that is all that matters.

No matter what happens in the future, we will always stand united with our President, trying everything we possibly could to make America great again!



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