BADASS: Nikki Haley Tells UN to Screw Off, You’re Not the Boss of U.S. [Video]


When Donald Trump became the President of the United States, he promised a lot of changes and a lot of different approaches. Part of those changes was our relationship with the United Nations. While Obama preferred to roll belly up to globalists, President Trump had something else in mind. That’s why he chose Nikki Haley as an Ambassador. She has become known for not taking crap from the United Ninnies.

Every year the UN tries to bully America into playing nice with Cuba. The ‘tradition’ continued this year as well, with the General Assembly attempting a nonsense vote to force the U.S. to end an embargo on Cuba. However, it seemed like they’d forgotten just how tough Haley can be.

Talking about the embargo, Nikki pointed out that the UN has zero authority over it.

“Let’s be honest about what we really see going on here,” Haley said. “This assembly does not have the power to end the U.S. embargo. It is based in U.S. law, which only the United States Congress can change.”
“As long as the Cuban people continue to be deprived of their human rights and fundamental freedoms … the United States does not fear isolation in this chamber, or anywhere else. Our principles are not up for a vote.”

What she meant was that they can’t just meddle with our affairs. And we’re not sorry about it. This is a stark contrast to last year, when Obama’s ambassador chose to abstain from the embargo vote, reports Louder With Crowder.

“To those who are confused as to where the United States stands, let me be clear: as is their right under our Constitution, the American people have spoken,” Haley said. “They have chosen a new president, and he has chosen a new ambassador to the United Nations.”

President Trump made it clear – we are done playing nice and letting everyone tell us what to do! Enough!


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