60,000 Sneaky Muslims In Houston Just Woke Up To NASTY Surprise From Pissed-Off Texans


Thanks to liberal policies, the massive wave of terror attacks continue in countries in which refugees have been widely welcomed. Here, in America, President Trump is doing everything he can to prevent that from happening. Our country is done giving illegals privileges and enabling them to take over. Muslims who call the great state of Texas home are now realizing that things aren’t so great for them there as they expected and as Obama promised.

The Islamic population in Houston had reached about 60,000 back in 2000. Since then, the numbers have grown much higher as they procreate like crazy to increase their Islamic community. However, each one of them just suffered a huge blow to the biggest part of their belief system.

When Muslims move into an area in groups, their plan isn’t to assimilate to the American culture or “coexsist.” Islam preached for a takeover and world domination, by killing or converting all non-believing infidels.

Despite Sharia Law being unconstitutional and illegal in the U.S., liberals continue to provide Muslims with everything they need and make them feel ‘comfortable’.

Texas state legislators just passed a law called the “American Law for American Courts” bill, or Texas House Bill 45 that makes it illegal to practice Muslim Sharia law within the state lines. Both houses of the Texas legislature voted in favor of the bill.

This house bill was necessary and urgent since an Islamic Tribunal is already set up in Texas and is practicing Sharia Law, reports Freedom Daily.

The tribunal is operating as a non-profit organization in Dallas.

One of the tribunal’s ‘judges,’ Dr. Taher El-badawi said the tribunal operates under Sharia law as a form of ‘non-binding dispute resolution.’ El-badawi said their organization is ‘a tribunal, not arbitration’ and their attorneys call themselves ‘judges,’ not ‘arbitrators’.

Muslims have a great way of skirting the system and making things sound innocent when there’s always something much more sinister beneath the surface. Fortunately, one by one, states are waking up and starting to fight back against this evil.


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