Laura Ingraham Just Stuck It To The Biggest RINO In The Senate, He’s Going Down


President Trump won the election fair and square. Regardless of liberal complaints, there is no doubt that the American people CHOSE him to be their president. However, while his victory WAS surprising for many, what’s been even more difficult for most people to comprehend following the extraordinary 2016 presidential election was how could a GOP-controlled administration — with majorities both in the Senate and in Congress — still have trouble pushing President Trump’s agenda through? The answer is quite simple, considering the devastating fact that many in the Republican leadership on Capitol Hill are not too fond of the President and often side with Democrats in order to sabotage him. Those TRAITORS are called RINOs.

American political commentator and bestselling author Laura Ingraham is now calling out these RINOs who are covertly unsupportive of Trump’s political views. While there are many who deserve criticism, Ingraham particularly took aim at what some believe to be one of the biggest RINOs of them all.

Laura announced on Twitter that she would support Dr. Kelli Ward against Arizona Senator Jeff Flake in the GOP primaries. She wrote,

“I am happy to have endorsed @kelliwardaz in the Arizona primary against  @JeffFlake, She’s with the people. He’s with the usual flops.”

The Arizona Republican has often criticized President Trump, much like his fellow GOP Senator from Arizona, John McCain.

Flake opposed Trump on a number of issues, including tax and the border wall, even though the latter would make his and McCain’s state a safer place from the outpour of illegal immigrants coming from Mexico, Middle, and South America, reports Conservative Patriot.

Kelli Ward appreciated Laura Ingraham’s endorsement, saying,

“I’m honored to have earned Laura’s endorsement and enthusiastic support. She’s smart, articulate, and a conservative hero who will bring important momentum to our surging campaign.”

Ingraham made the right choice to support a candidate who is better for the job than endorsing some traitor RINO who doesn’t care about the people.


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