Sarah Sanders Brutally Attacked On Live TV – What They Did To Her Is Chilling


It’s simple – those who fail in comedy, become part of the Saturday Night Live show. It seems that all liberals are capable of is making idiotic, low-budget videos mocking President Trump and his administration. The entire leftist scheme of bashing Trump and everyone around him in order to gain recognition and attention is crossing every line, and this time, it included White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

The entire spoof video was made with famous singer Demi Lovato’s hit song ‘Confident,’ which the actors used to poke at the administration.

The plot revolves around the press secretary and what goes on in her mind as she struggles to answer questions from the press.

“Ok, good morning guys… Halloween’s over but I still see some of you guys are still in your journalist costumes,” said ‘Sanders’ played by Aidy Bryant.

As soon as the reporters start asking sensitive questions revolving around the Trump-Russia collusion, the episode becomes an insight into the mind of Press Secretary Sanders, who says she is “the boss,” and that she “runs the show.”

“In a minute, I’m going to tell you guys a six-minute riddle about taxes but first I’m going to take some questions.”

Bryant’s character is then asked about the recent indictment of former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort, who is accused of conspiring against the United States and money laundering.

In her mind, Sanders imagines herself destroys the White House podium with an ax before returning back to ‘reality’ with a non-coherent answer, insisting that Manafort was a ‘carny’ who made his way through “town for one night only.” 

The entire thing seemed badly planned-out with a plot which immediately caused distress and outrage among conservative supporters who were disgusted by the same-old scheme of bashing President Donald Trump with the goal of gaining viewership.


Liberals are obviously delusional if they think someone might find this funny.


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