Uncovered: The Queen And Trump Official Caught Hiding Massive Amounts Of Money


Since the moment Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election, Democrats have been out for blood. They’ve been attacking the new President and his administration every chance they get and for with no particular reason in mind.

The mainstream media has been helping Democrats spread lies about President Trump. Now, we’re seeing new reports about the President that say he’s been involved in a big scandal. We already know this is nothing but another lie, but it’s interesting that the reports say another prominent person was involved in the scandal.

According to the reports, President Trump, the Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth, Bono and members of the Trump cabinet have all been hiding their money in overseas tax-havens.

This is the largest haul of leaked evidence since the Panama Papers came out last year, saying that the wealthiest people on earth keep their money in offshore accounts, reports Politicus Daily.

The leaker was a firm called Appleby. A recent statement of theirs reads:

“There is no evidence of any wrongdoing, either on the part of ourselves or our clients.”


The difference between this year’s leak and the Panama Papers is that the Panama Papers involved criminal activity. This year, the biggest fuss was about the people who the media says were involved in this.

The leaked documents show that the Queen’s estate could have invested significant amounts of money in tax havens. Another person that was dragged into this was President Trump’s commerce secretary, Wilbur L Ross Jr. According to reports, he is the owner of a firm that deals with Russian companies that are currently under investigation.

On the other hand, it was discovered that Appleby runs offices in very famous offshore account places like the British Virgin Islands and Bermuda.

We’re not surprised that the most powerful people in the world get dragged into scandals like this one. We’ve seen this happen many times before. Until there is evidence that that really happened, we’re not trusting a word the mainstream media outlets say.



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