We Caught Her! She’s Been Indicted On 24 Counts Of Fraud From Her ‘Charitable Foundation’


Man, these democrats can’t catch a break on committing crimes! Is it so hard for them to be honest for just one day?


Over the last year, we saw hem get away with all sorts of crimes. While DNC chairwoman Wasserman-Schulz was betraying her own party to help Hillary Clinton, Donna Brazile, another DNC head, was passing along debate questions.

And as a true democrat, Hillary also committed various crimes, among which is her infamous private email server.

Now, we have another influential democrat caught dead in their actions.

As Free Beacon reports, the evidence that the prosecutor showed during the tax evasion and fraud trial of former Democratic Rep. Corrine Brown (Fla.) prove that Brown used her ‘charitable organization’ to illegally benefit herself and staffers.

Brown’s actions robbed needy children of their scholarships!

“The real victims are all of those worthy kids who could have gotten scholarships, who needed a leg up. That’s who she robbed from, those kids,” Eric G. Olshan, one of the prosecutors, said during the one-hour closing arguments against Brown, Jacksonville.com reported.

Out of the  $800,000 raised, only $1,200 went to help the students.

Around $200,000 went to NFL tickets, luxury vacations, plane tickets, car repairs, and lavish events. All for the foundation’s staff. The rest? God knows.

Unfortunately, Brown isn’t as clever as her beloved Hillary, so she got caught.

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