Famous Hollywood Actor Kevin Sorbo Publicly Humiliates Obama In The Worst Way Possible


Hollywood may be a den of leftists, but there are few celebrities who didn’t get brainwashed.

When Obama announced that he intends to bring in 10,000 Middle Eastern, it outraged many people.

Following this scandalous announcement, many Hollywood stars remained silent. But, that wasn’t the case with our beloved “Hercules”. Namely, this decision didn’t sit well with the actor Kevin Sorbo, so he took social media to criticize Obama for his lack of knowledge and tact when it comes to protecting our country. In his post, Sorbo wrote what many of us feel and think as well.

Here is what he posted to his Facebook page:

One has to ask, well, at least I have to ask, why is it that all of these Syrian refugees, along with other refugees from other countries are going to all the countries in western Europe and not to other countries in the Middle East which are Muslim like the refugees are?? Saudi Arabia has a tent village with air conditioned tents that hold 3 million people! 3 million, and they have not taken in 1, not 1 refugee from Syria!! Why is that? And why are the vast majority of these refugees young males in the age range of 15-35. Look at the news footage of these refugees. 80% of the refugees are young males. And Obama wants to take 10,000 of them into America without vetting them. Welcome to Jonestown. Drink the kool-aid liberals. You can get emotional and angry at this post, but wake up.
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News reports showed that he refugee screening process doesn’t seem to be working either. One of the new refugees got arrested for rape only nine days after entering our country.

Obama was so persistent to import these animals in our country. Luckily, President Trump is here to fix that huge mistake!

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