Breaking: President Trump’s Longtime Bodyguard Just Spilled the Beans!


We all have that one person who knows us really well. That person knows exactly what we need, when we need it and how we need it. Well, reports from Politico have revealed that President Donald Trump had that kind of person right by his side, and his hame is Keith Schiller.

Whenever someone wanted to reach the President and inform him about a news article, gossip or advice, the President would always tell them to “send it to Keith, he’ll get it to me.”

One of the most interesting things the President asked his bodyguard and whisperer Schiller to do was to go on a stealth fast food run when the White House kitchen staff couldn’t match the way Trump likes his hamburgers.

Maybe Schiller knew the president so well because he worked for him for many years. Back in 2005, he became the head of security at Trump Tower and continued to work for President Trump up until leaving the White House in September.

Now, Schiller is supposed to appear before the House Intelligence Committee for an interview as part of its investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election. Many White House officials and former advisers believe that he could reveal many important things about the case.

However, some Trump officials and friends have stated that President Trump will not be happy to see his closest aide get hauled in front of the committee. One former campaign aide said:

“The image of Keith walking in and testifying is not going to make the president happy. That is a loyal lieutenant being dragged in. That’s clearly going to upset him.” And even though Trump will be abroad and distracted from the latest wrinkles in the ongoing Russia probes, the former aide said he’s unlikely to miss Schiller’s day on the Hill. “He’s DVRing it, don’t fool yourself.”


White House officials are still not certain why Schiller left the White House after being so close to the President for many years. Whatever the case is, everyone is waiting to see what will happen when Schiller appears before the House Intelligence Committee.



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