Muslim Demands Right To Wear Hijab For Job Because Of Sharia Law, Employer Has A Much Better Idea


Terrorism is only one form of radical Islam, there are a lot of other forms as well. Radical Islam can be also seen in the way Muslims are trying to conquer our nations and establish Sharia law.

Recently, news broke out about how one woman showed up for a job interview wearing a hijab and warned the employer that he must respect her religious obligations. However, the employer was not going to sit back and let the woman behave inappropriately.

For those of you that don’t know this yet, SAS airports have a very strict dress code that all employees have to follow. But, when Aye Alhassani applied for a job at the Stockholm airport, she had every intention the make the demand that the company allows her to wear her hijab.

Alhassani might have thought that she could bully her boss by using religion, but he wasn’t having any of it. Instead of giving in to her demands, he immediately told her that her headscarf is “incompatible with the airline’s regulations” and informed her that she would not be given the job unless she came back and reapplied in the proper attire.

As the man expected, Alhassani filed charged against SAS, threatening to take them to court for discrimination. She got a lot of support from leftists all over social media, but soon enough investigative journalists found out a big secret about this case that no one thought to look into, reports Mad World News.

Not longer after Alhassani pressed charges, Rebecca Weidmo Unvell found out that the woman admitted on Facebook that she donned the hijab solely to target the airline and plotting the lawsuit and boycott.

With this revelation, the court has enough evidence to dismiss the charges against the well-known airline. In addition, Henriksson said that there have been 2 other cases in which the Swedish courts ruled in favor of the companies to enforce their dress code over religious symbols.

This is just another case that shows how Muslims are trying to take advantage of liberal-controlled countries and communities. This needs to end as soon as possible.



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