NPR Legal Reporter Criticizes Gorsuch for Citing the Constitution


Neil Gorsuch is the newest Supreme Court justice who is making headlines for his over-the-top opinions. Many are finding it hard to believe that he could say such bad things for the people who supported him after he was nominated to the Supreme Court earlier this year.

Several months ago, when Neil Gorsuch was still just a Supreme court nominee, his former law partner and friend Mark Hansen shared these wonderful words about him:


During an episode of the Supreme Court podcast “First Mondays, Nina Totenberg, who works as legal affairs correspondent for National Public Radio, started criticizing Gorsuch. The first thing she commented on was his habit of frequently citing the Constitution, reports Heritage.

Back in 2016, when it was still not certain if Gorsuch would be nominated for the Supreme county justice position, one of his former clerks wrote this on Yale’s Notice & Comment blog: 

“Whenever a constitutional issue came up in our cases, he sent one of his clerks on a deep dive through the historical sources. ‘We need to get this right,’ was the memo—and right meant ‘as originally understood.’”


Since becoming a member of the Supreme Court, Gorsuch has put these principles into practice. But, that isn’t good enough for Totenberg. She went on to say that there might be a rift on the court between Gorsuch and Justice Elena Kagan:

“My surmise, from what I’m hearing, is that Justice Kagan really has taken [Gorsuch] on in conference. And that it’s a pretty tough battle and it’s going to get tougher. And she is about as tough as they come, and I am not sure he’s as tough—or dare I say it, maybe not as smart. I always thought he was very smart, but he has a tin ear somehow, and he doesn’t seem to bring anything new to the conversation.”


It seems like Gorsuch rubs Totenberg the wrong way, but she isn’t the only one. If you ask anyone on the left, they would tell you that Gorsuch shouldn’t be on the Supreme Court. But, this is just another classic case of the resistance movement.



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