Off Duty Bomber Pilot Is Headed Out On Vacation, When Flight Attendants Make Terrifying Announcement


The biggest treasure for a country is the military men that devote their lives to serve the country and protect its citizens. Now, we bring you news about how one off-duty Air Force Captain showed he is a true hero.

Recently, Captain Mike Gongol and his family had an unfortunate accident. According to reports, the pilot that was driving the plane suffered a heart attack.

Upon realization that that happened, Gongol got in the cockpit and took over control of the plane. He managed to safely land the plane and saved the lives of 160 people, reports Gawker.

When asked to talk about what happened, Gongol explained:

“Over the public address system; a flight attendant asked if there was a doctor on board the plane. A few more calls went out for medical professionals and the flight attendants were all hurrying to first class with their beverage carts and a first-aid kit.”


He continued by saying:

“After they moved the pilot, I was asked by the first officer, ‘are you a pilot,’ which was quickly followed with ‘what do you fly. ‘I knew she was in a serious situation and that question gave her five seconds to judge if I would be useful. I also had about five seconds to asses her, ‘was she panicking, or was she OK to fly the aircraft?’ We both finished our silent assessments, she made the right judgment and told me to close the door and have a seat.
She was calm, but you could tell she was a little stressed, who wouldn’t be. At the beginning, I interrupted her flow of operations, but we figured everything out extremely quickly. She was very impressive.”


Because Gongol managed to take over and land the plane in a short amount of time, the captain was given medical attention shortly after he suffered the heart attack, which led to him making a full recovery.

Gongol spoke about the crew he worked with nothing but respect. He said:

“I saw nothing but the finest professionalism under pressure out of the flight attendants, the nurses, and the first officer. Every pilot thinks ‘what would I do if this all goes wrong’ on an aircraft they are not controlling.”


Remeber this man’s name – he is truly a hero like no other.



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