Senate Confirms 5 Trump Judicial Nominees in Strong Week for Rule of Law

WASHINGTON,D.C. - FEBRUARY 11: The US Senate votes in its trial against impeached US President Bill Clinton on February 12,1999 in Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. Clinton escaped removal from office and declared himself "profoundly sorry" for the year-long ordeal that led to his acquittal in the Senate impeachment trial. (AFP/Getty Images)

Even though Democrats have been opposing every single decision made by President Donald Trump, this is something they weren’t able to disagree with.

Since taking over the office, President Trump has been working hard to find the most highly qualified conservatives judges. This week, he brought his total to 13 judges after the Senate confirmed five of his suggested judges.

The judges that Senate voted on this week are: Amy Barrett from Indiana to the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals, Joan Larsen of Michigan to the 6th Circuit, Allison Eid of Colorado to the 10th Circuit, Stephanos Bibas of Pennsylvania to the 3rd Circuit, and Trevor McFadden to the U.S. District Court in Washington, reports Heritage.

So far this year, one new Supreme Court justice was confirmed, along with eight new federal appeals court judges, and four new U.S. district court judges. This makes President Trump surpass the four prior presidents’ records. At the moment, he is in a tie with former President Ronald Reagan’s accomplishment, which is something to celebrate.

Along with President Trump, congratulations are in order for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley because they were wonderful at their leadership this year.

Since Christmas is still several weeks away, we can expect the President to make a couple of other nominations which could be confirmed before the end of the year.

Leftist can resist all they want, but one thing is certain – we have several new constitutionalist judges who will serve with distinction for decades to come.

Also, another accomplishment from this year is the number of cloture votes that were made. In the 10 months Donald Trump has been president, there have been 51 cloture votes on his nominees.

What President Trump has accomplished in just a year of being in office is truly something that is a cause for celebration. If he continues like this, he might be able to secure a generation of judges on par with those of the Reagan Revolution.



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