A Texas Sheriff Faces Backlash From Black Lives Matter Over Publishing “All Lives Matter” Ad, He Is Refusing To Back Down From His Statement


The Black Lives Matter movement took USA by storm.

Texas Sheriff Parnell McNamara bought an ad in the paper. One ad in it caused tons of controversy, something that the Sheriff didn’t expect.

The ad proclaimed,

“All lives matter!”

As the Waco Tribune reports, McNamara was fed up of people who viewed the phrase “All lives matter” as a racial slur and being told that it was politically incorrect to say.

“All lives matter. Your life matters, mine, police, John Q citizen.
It doesn’t matter what color you are. Every human being has a right to live.”

McNamara is not backing down from the statement in his ad.

He went on accusing the Black Lives Matter movement of being nothing more than an anti-police movement.

“I know of no police officer that puts his badge and gun on in the morning and goes to work wanting to hurt someone or kill someone.” 

Yet, according to critics that condemned the phrase, “All lives matter,” black people are not treated equally in the United States.

Here is what Community Race Relations Coalition board chairman, Joe Welter told the Tribune:

“You can say, ‘All lives matter,’ but the fact is throughout our history, and even currently, we do not value black lives as much as we do other lives.”

To prove the point that this was the case, the articles cites a statistic that was published in the Washington Post:

“Of all of the unarmed people shot and killed by police in the United States in 2015, 40 percent of them were black men.”

To put that into perspective, black men make up 6% of the nation’s population.

Even though the Black Lives Matter movement sees these statistics as firm, let’s not forget that those numbers are the same ones that Obama repeatedly used to push the narrative that there is systemic racism.

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