[VIDEO] “You Go To Africa, I’ll Stay Here With My White Friends” – This Video Is Going Insanely Viral


Since the time Donald Trump was only campaigning for the 2016 presidential election, many have said that they would consider moving out of the United States if he ended up getting elected. However, a year into Trump’s presidency, no one has left the country as they said they would.

Many of the people who were against President Trump since the beginning were members of the black community. We’ve heard all about how they’ve been criticizing the president, but the time has now come for them to be the criticized ones.

A man by the name of Terrence Williams became an overnight sensation after he posted a video that was titled ‘You go to Africa, I’ll stay with my white friends.’ Williams, who is also African-American, attacked other black Americans who said they might go back to Africa.

In the video, he can be heard saying:

“You ain’t even born there. You was born here in the U.S. I hate to break the news to you, but in Africa, you ain’t getting food stamps, you ain’t getting no child support check… Why you think Obama’s daddy went back to Africa? Because he didn’t have to pay child support.
Half of y’all need health insurance. Well, I hate to break the news, but in Africa, they don’t have health insurance. They’ve got flies that will kill yo a**. They’re not paying for that s**t, I guarantee you that.”



After Williams uploaded the video to his social media account, he received a lot of support as well as a lot of criticism from people. He even said that people accused him of being a sell-out, white-washed, or an Uncle Tom, reports US Chronicle.

Maybe Democrats find it hard to accept that a black man can be a supporter of the Republican party. I mean – why wouldn’t he support the party when they’ve been fighting so hard to improve the plight of minorities in America, while the Democrats have literally been doing just the opposite.



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